The difference between glamping and camping: Advantages and disadvantages

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Glamping and camping are two popular forms of outdoor recreation, but they are by no means the same. While glamping has become increasingly popular in recent years, camping is still a classic way to enjoy nature, with both options having their unique advantages and disadvantages.

Let's take a look at what makes these two activities different, so you can decide which one is right for your next outdoor adventure.

Glamping vs camping

The difference between glamping and camping can be summed up in one word: Comfort. At its core, glamping is about making your outdoor experience as comfortable as possible. These typically include amenities such as air-conditioned tents, luxurious glamping furniture, private bathrooms, on-site chefs, and even hot tubs.

In contrast, traditional camping is much more rustic; it includes basic accommodation such as a tent or a motorhome and often requires a life with limited amenities such as shared bathrooms at campsites or no facilities at all.

Advantages and disadvantages of glamping

Glamping offers many advantages over conventional camping - especially convenience and comfort - but it also has disadvantages that should be taken into account before getting involved.

On the plus side are the benefits of not having to worry about hauling heavy equipment or setting up your own tent; often everything is provided by the host.

In addition, glampers have access to more amenities than if camping in the wilderness, such as electricity (if available), private bathrooms/showers, beds with proper mattresses instead of sleeping bags on the floor, etc. However, all these amenities come at a price: Glamping sites are, of course, a bit more expensive than conventional campsites or free campsites in the hinterland.

Die-hard campers feel that something is lost if there's too much comfort provided in nature. Some people argue that you can only really appreciate nature if you do without modern luxuries such as air conditioning or a hot shower for a few days.

Glamping vs camping - conclusion

Whether you opt for glamping or traditional camping ultimately depends on what you expect from your outdoor experience. If you want convenience and comfort, but don't mind spending a little more on it, then glamping may be just the thing for you.

Final tip: If you want to add to a glamping experience, then look for a glamping resort with a STROHZBOID glamping tent. In that way you can even make sure you are spending a sustainable holiday in a real luxury tent.

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