Glamping trends 2023 - what to expect?

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Glamping-Trends – was erwartet uns im Jahr 2023?

The glamping trend has been unstoppable for several years now and it is still going strong. And it makes sense. After all, luxurious camping combines the best of two worlds under one roof, so to speak: Maximum luxury surrounded by nature.

Thus, glamorous camping is what society s looking for. More and more people are longing to go back to the roots. In addition, in many places accommodation concepts had to as a consequence of the pandemic.

By now, glamping has become an established form of holiday, with more and more people discovering its benefits. (Read more: What is glamping?) But the trend is constantly evolving! In this article, we are going to take a closer look at what to expect from glamping in 2023.

Glamping variety for every taste

One thing is clear: The variety of different glamping destinations is immense – from Norwegian fjords to the Adriatic coast or the impressive mountain panorama of the Dolomites. This is one of the reasons that the trend towards workations, for example, has seen such a rise in popularity. In 2023, it allows busy people to look forward to a diverse mix of mobile working and authentic holiday feeling in different regions.

This combination of work and outdoor holidays is made possible on the one hand by the fact that many people need little more than a laptop to work on. On the other hand, glamping providers offer many services that help convert a glamping accommodation into a workplace. In addition to comfortable seating and lounging options, good Wi-Fi is not uncommon.

Even in terms of the different glamping accommodations themselves there is a clear trend towards more diversity. Glamping is possible in an igloo, tree house or glamping tent – there are hardly any limits to the creativity of glamping providers.

The comfort of a hotel in the wild

At the same time, there are hardly any limits in terms of the luxury that can be offered to travellers. Manufacturers of glamping tents and the like demonstrate great skill – by providing maximum luxury, they turn accommodations into true outdoor hotel rooms, even if space is limited.

It is often very specific things that make the difference for travellers. According to asurvey conducted by German market and social researchers in 2021,

29% of those who have never considered camping as an option could change their mind if they were provided with a washing facility or their own bathroom in a glamping tent. With amenities such as hot tubs often being part of the equipment of glamping accommodations, the level of comfort will continue to increase in 2023.

Glamping in nature – but with caution

Glamping is all about authentic experiences in nature. Taking care of the environment and being considerate with natural resources is something that is of increasing importance to holidaymakers.

Environmentally friendly holidays are one of our top glamping trends for 2023! It covers everything from zero-waste concepts to environmentally friendly glamping accommodations. The basic idea behind the trend: A respectful interaction with nature and the most sustainable behaviour possible.

2023 glamping trends at a glance

The phenomenon of glamping is clearly here to stay. We can see exciting developments and trends emerging for the year 2023 – here is a summary:

  • A diverse range of glamping accommodations
  • Glamping in remote locations
  • Workation – a combination of mobile working and travel
  • Even more luxurious glamping accommodations
  • Ecosensitive and sustainable glamping

STROHBOID glamping – the in-thing

STROHBOID has been focusing on sustainable comfort in nature for years, which is why STROHBOID glamping has been developed as a luxury tent with a design language based on nature. It seamlessly fits into almost any environment, while the construction of the tent prevents permanent floor sealing.

The choice of materials and a special production technology combine to create a climate-negative glamping tent that welcomes guests with different kinds of luxury. The equipment ranges from comfortable beds to the kitchenettes to private en-suite bathrooms. And thanks to the heatability, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable glamping holiday, even in winter.

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