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Service: Glamping

Location: Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany

STROHBOID Product: Gazebo / Pavilion & 2 glamping tents

Industry: Tourism and Leisure

Establishment: Spring 2022

Link: aerialyoga-hildesheim.de/

STROHBOID: What is the STROHBOID product used for?

Owner Eva Barnstorf-Brandes: The pavilion offers ample space and can be used for a variety of purposes. Firstly, the tent serves as a beautiful venue for special occasions and celebrations. Therefore, the pavilion is used for events like weddings, birthdays, baptisms, and free wedding ceremonies.

Additionally, various classes can be held here, such as yoga, aerial yoga, bungee fitness, and Thai yoga. The open space is ideal for physical activities and relaxation techniques.

Lastly, the pavilion is used for private instructional sessions. Individuals or small groups can use the space for personalized guidance or training.

One of our glamping tents serves as a meeting room for group activities. The smaller tent allows for intensive collaborative work in small groups, facilitating meetings or workshops. The tent can also be used as a meditation room, providing participants a serene atmosphere to relax.

The second glamping tent offers accommodation for trainers, teachers, participants, and guests.


STROHBOID: What are the challenges you face in your industry?

Owner Eva Barnstorf-Brandes: The competition is fierce. If you don't come up with something new for your customers, they become bored and lose interest. Through the unique setting and the natural yoga experience, I manage to keep my customers coming back.


STROHBOID: What led you to choose the STROHBOID product, and what problems does it solve?

Owner Eva Barnstorf-Brandes: I chose the tents because I liked them and they fit into my concept. Firstly, "Form follows nature": a product inspired by nature, using natural forms and materials, appeals to me. I love nature, and the product reflects that.

Sustainability is also a crucial aspect, as it holds significant importance for me. Having a sustainable product in my garden aligns perfectly with my values.

The uniqueness is also evident. The pavilion's size and the well-thought-out concept of the glamping tents make them stand out. Aesthetically, they are simply eye-catching.

The STROHBOID tents also solve several issues by providing secure flooring and shelter. This is advantageous in terms of space utilization, aesthetics, and simplicity. I also appreciate that the tents don't require a foundation and are adjustable, allowing for flexibility and rearrangement.

Moreover, the pavilion and glamping tents allow ample natural light to enter, contributing to a pleasant indoor atmosphere.


STROHBOID: What new opportunities has the STROHBOID product opened up for your business?

Owner Eva Barnstorf-Brandes: It is undoubtedly a unique selling proposition. Through a yoga space like the pavilion, I can differentiate myself from other competitors and offer my clients a one-of-a-kind experience in a fantastic atmosphere. This significantly enhances the well-being of my clients. Being closely connected to nature here helps them relax better. This place is a retreat, and people come to me to take a break from their everyday lives. My yoga classes provide a nature-infused experience.


STROHBOID: What qualities are most important to you and your business regarding STROHBOID?

Owner Eva Barnstorf-Brandes: Whether it's the pavilion or the glamping tents, both have diverse applications. Today, the pavilion hosts a yoga session, and tomorrow, with a bit of decoration, it becomes a space for weddings. The tents can be used for various purposes, which I find highly practical. This provides me with more possibilities, and I can utilize the tents for a variety of uses.

Additionally, the tents' sustainability adds another layer of attractiveness.

What is glamping explained in detail.


STROHBOID: What piqued your interest in STROHBOID?

Owner Eva Barnstorf-Brandes: After a trip to Mexico, where I saw a similar tent, my interest grew. I was impressed and wanted a pavilion in my garden for my yoga sessions. That's when I began to create something of my own.

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