Glamorous camping: What are the origins of the glamping trend?

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Glamouröses Camping - Woher kommt der Trend?

Glamorous camping, or glamping in short - this travel trend has been on the rise for a few years. The enthusiasm for this special kind of getaway does not seem to be ceasing, but quite on the contrary it seems that more and more people are turning into enthusiastic "glampers" and enjoying luxury gamping.

Glamping originated in the USA and Great Britain. It combines the proximity to nature and the simplicity of camping with the comforts we know from a hotel room or a furnished apartment. The history of glamping dates back much further than you might think, namely the 16th century. That's why we took a closer look.

Glamorous camping – a success story

The term glamping originated in the USA but can now even be found in the Oxford Dictionary, which listed it for the first time in 2016.

Retreat - Glamouröses Camping, woher kommt der Trend?

We all know the good old camping holiday: Minimalist and with a self-erected tent in the middle of nature, it has a little DIY character. Glamping is also almost always about nature, but it also addresses all those who can't do anything with the waiver that a camping trip entails. 

Because glamping is not about a makeshift tent waiting for the guests or cramped campsites – instead there are spacious accommodations and luxury tents, in which everything is located from a comfortable double bed to cooking facilities to the private bathroom including shower and toilet, everything that is needed for a comfortable holiday.

Where “tents” originated

In the history of mankind, camping has long been of great importance. Especially for migrating peoples (nomads), quickly set up and dismantled accommodation was and is extremely practical. Thanks to their location, tree houses protect from potential dangers lurking on the ground, while a roof over the head protects against sun, wind and weather.

Woher kommt der Trend glamourös Camping? Ein Beispiel von primitivem Camping

Whether tree house, teepee, wigwam, yurt or safari tent – many of these have a long history as human dwellings. Traditionally used by the indigenous peoples of South America, Asia, Africa and West Papua (New Guinea), they have always been adapted to local conditions. While there is no documentation on when the first tent was actually built, there is evidence that points to more than 40,000 years ago.

Of emperors and kings – glamorous camping pioneers?

Glamping has a much longer history than the numerous glamping trends would suggest. Let us take a look back several centuries to the times of emperors and kings: If they traveled through their kingdoms and empires with their courts, their trips often lasted several weeks, and of course they had to stay somewhere overnight on their way.

Tents served as accommodation; for the nobility they needed to be particularly splendid and comfortably equipped. If you will, glamping finds its origin here.

Scottish and French royal houses inparticular used to place luxuriously equipped tents on meadows near the court in the 16th century.

Glamorous camping as a modern-day holiday trend

Glamourous Camping - Woher kommt der Urlaubs-Trend heute?

In the 20th century, camping experienced its breakthrough. It was – especially in times of crisis and after the First World War – a good way to escape from everyday life for little money. In the economic miracle era of the 1950s, camping boomed. Glamping, on the other hand, is a quite recent trend, in which the camping movement practically finds its contemporary climax.

Of course, a main focus is on comfortable equipment, be it in a glamping tent, glamping pod, luxury tree house, lodge tent, chalet, tiny house or other glamping variants. On the other hand, of course, location is key, be it completely secluded in nature for a break from civilisation, surrounded by exclusive leisure activities or as part of a glamping resort.

Last but not least, many glamping accommodations are design objects: They are straightforward, modern and sustainable, thus contributing to making the glamping holiday a very special experience in nature.

A glamping accommodation can be located practically anywhere. It invites guests to explore the area in a variety of destinations – be it Tuscany, Tyrol, or the Côte d'Azur.

By the way, glamping is also a great way to explore faraway places. Some countries are experiencing a real glamping boom, like the USA, but also South Korea, Australia and many African countries.


1 What is glamping?

Glamping combines "glamour" and "camping" and thus describes a camping holiday surrounded by luxury. It's not only tents, huts and the like that can be used for glamping, but also other, correspondingly developed, mobile homes, such as the iconic American Airstream.

2 Why glamping?

3 When was the term glamping first used?

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