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Die besten Glamping Zelte im Vergleich

What is a glamping tent? We all know the classic camping tent: Often set up laboriously and at times slightly skewed, it is a somehow improvised and hopefully waterproof accommodation with sleeping mats and sleeping bags during an adventurous trip.

A glamping tent combines the advantages of such a tent – the proximity to nature and a homely feel away from the daily hustle and bustle back home – with comfort as we usually know it from a hotel room, which is why the term glamping combines glamour and camping.

Glamping tents are available for every taste and for every adventure. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and can be set up almost anywhere. What they all have in common: They score with their charm and comfort and make for a very special experience. We took a closer look at the different glamping tents.

Criteria – what to consider in terms of glamping tents

More than just a camping holiday: If you book a holiday in a glamping tent, you can look forward to a relaxing, but also a very individual trip. Is there anything to be considered before getting comfortable in the glamping tent?

Kriterien für beste Glamping Zelte im Vergleich

First things first: The motto of luxury tents is "arrive and relax". That is why many of the things that require attention during normal camping are already taken care of during glamping.

Actually, the only thing important is to remember to take everything with you for the activities that you want to pursue on site. Because a glamping tent can practically be erected anywhere, there are a lot of possibilities: Is accommodation of your dreams located directly on a lake with a view of the water? Perfect for SUP and swimming! Or should it be a hiking tour in the mountains? A place far away from the cities under a starry sky is perfect if you want to enjoy the tranquility and discover the Milky Way. There are no limits to the imagination and there is an ideal glamping variant for every dream holiday.

We took a look at the glamping tent market: There are glamping tent manufacturers whose accommodations float on the lake. Even winter-proof glamping tents are available, which are not only a design highlight, but also offer the opportunity to experience a holiday in the snow in a completely new way. Our recommendation for the mountains is a glamping accommodation made of wood to create that rustic feeling. Which variant is the best? That choice is yours. The locations and design of the tents and accommodation offer an incredible number of options.


As different as glamping tents can be, there are a few types that are particularly popular and common.

These include, for example, the safari tent. A safari tent usually has a rectangular floor plan and offers a lot of space for a lot of equipment, but also for many people. Here you will usually find single beds and double beds, a cooking nook and often even a private bathroom. Especially for groups or families, a safari tent is the ideal choice. Often they have a covered terrace, so that the holidays can be enjoyed even on rainy days.

Die besten Glamping-Zelte im Vergleich

Modern camping tents can also be real design highlights: Some of them come in organic, round shapes that at the same time look futuristic and yet ideally fit into their surroundings. On such example is the bell tent. The smaller tents in particular are often erected in special places, such as in the middle of the mountains or floating on a pier. They promise an extraordinary travel experience for all those who love adventure but don't want to miss out on certain comforts.

Of course, there are also glamping accommodations with "solid walls", for example made of wood. A wooden hut is a great choice for those who want something more than a tent. There are also very individual designs. How about a treehouse, for example? A great glamping experience for anyone not suffering from vertigo.

The glamping tents stand out for us in terms of design:

  • the spherical tents from Usedomzelt
  • the Stargazer glamping tent from Lotus Belle, from which you can watch the stars
  • the glamping tents from STROHBOID with a design based on nature

Comfort & equipment

Are you tired of spending the night on old sleeping mats and in used sleeping bags? If that's the case, a glamping tent is the right choice for you. There are neither sleeping bags or field beds, as the equipment differs significantly from that of a normal camping tent – after all, we are talking about luxury camping.

Fully fledged beds promise relaxed nights and a relaxing start to the day. A hot drink or delicious meal can be prepared in the kitchenette, which is part of numerous glamping accommodations. A real highlight for many: A private bathroom in the glamping tent with shower and toilet. Not only does this feature add more privacy, brounds off an exclusive experience by making trips to the common lavatories unnecessary.

Ästhetische und natürliche Terrassenüberdachung aus Holz

Covered areas, heating options and – depending on location and season – winter-proof tents such as the models from STROHBOID help to enjoy a holiday feeling even on cooler days or in bad weather. The luxury tents are also waterproof. Glamorous camping in an outdoor hotel room is not only possible during the high season.

Depending on where the glamping tent is located, the surrounding nature is an experience in itself. Particularly compact models are the way to go as they are the most flexible when it comes to location. Glamping providers have way more options than just the choice of an unusual place: Sports equipment, such as table tennis, a tennis court, a foosball table, a hot tub or a barbecue area can be added to make for a perfect stay. And again, there are no limits to creativity.

These glamping tents have convinced us with their equipment:


Glamping tents are usually close to nature. For this reason, it should be appreciated all the more. Glamping and a sustainable holiday can go hand in hand easily. A particularly important factor for this is the long service life of glamping tents.

A glamping tent may be more expensive to buy than other tents, but the service life speaks for itself. The STROHBOID products stand out with 25 years warranty. With good maintenance, the wooden structure of the gazeobs even has a life expectancy of up to 100 years, since it consists of solid wood. When worn, the wooden surfaces can simply be sanded to make them look like new. This means that only the membrane has to be replaced every 10 to 25 years.

Safari tents can also be renewed, if necessary, for example by replacing the tarpaulin. Of course, glamping accommodation made of wood, such as huts or tree houses, promises the longest service life, but it cannot be moved as flexibly as a tent, and other basic requirements must also be taken into account when choosing a location.

Our favourites in terms of longevity:

  • Outstanding safari tents with at least 10 years of durability
  • Usedomzelt dome tents with a lifespan of up to 12 years
  • The renewable STROHBOID glamping tents with a lifespan of up to 100 years


Glampers can choose from a large selection: Whether spacious and luxurious safari tents, glamping in an extraordinary place in a design tent, or glamping with a rustic feeling – there are a lot of choices when it comes to camping in style. The question of which ones are the best is a very subjective one, as long as comfort and that certain something are given.

Die Ausstattung der besten Glamping Zelte im Vergleich

One thing is for certain: comfort and sustainability can be ideally combined during this type of holiday. This is proven not least by STROHBOID with their glamping tents, which not only score points with a long service life, but also with exceptional design and the use of locally sourced, sustainable materials, providing every comfort necessary for your next glamping holiday.

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